One More Dog

      One Dog Is Not Trouble And Two Are So Funny
      The Third One Is Easy, The Fourth One's A Honey

      The Fifth Is Delightful, The Sixth One's A Breeze
      You Find You Can Live With A Houseful With Ease

      So How 'Bout Another?
      Would You Really Dare?
      They're Really Quite Easy
      But Oh Lord, The Hair!

      With Dogs On The Sofa And Dogs On The Bed
      And Crates In The Kitchen, Its No Bother You Said

      They're Really No Trouble, Their Manners Are Great
      What's Just One More Dog And One More Little Crate?

      The Sofa Is Hairy
      The Windows Are Crusty
      The Floor Is All Footprints
      The Furniture's Dusty

      The Housekeeping Suffers But What Do You Care?
      Who Minds A Few Noseprints And A Little More Hair?

      So Let's Keep A Puppy, You Can Always Find Room
      And A Little More Time For The Dust Cloth And Broom

      There's Hardly A Limit To The Dogs You Can Add
      The Thought Of A Cutback Sure Makes You Feel Sad

      Each One Is Special, So Useful, So Funny
      The Food Bill Grows Larger, You Owe The Vet Money

      Your Folks Never Visit, Few Friends Come To Stay
      Except Other Dog Folks Who Live The Same Way

      Your Lawn Has Now Died And Our Shrubs Are Dead Too
      Your Weekends Are Busy, Your Off With Your Crew

      There's Dog Food And Vitamins, Training And Shots
      And Entries And Travel And Motels Which Cost Lots

      Is It Worth It You Wonder?
      Are You Caught In A Trap?
      Then That Favorite Comes Up And Climbs In Your Lap

      His Look Says You're Special And You Know That You Will
      Keep All The Critters In Spite Of The Bill

      Some Just For Showing And Some Just To Breed
      And Some Just For Loving, They All Fill A Need

      Winter Is A Hassle But The Dogs Love It True
      And They Must Have Their Walks Tho' You Are Numb And
      Late Evening Is Awful, You Scream And You Shout
      At The Dogs On The Sofa Who Refuse To Go Out

      The Dogs And The Dog Shows, The Travel, The Thrills

      The Work And The Worry, The Pressure, The Bills

      The Whole Thing Seems Worth It, The Dogs Are Your
      They're Charming And Funny And Offset The Strife

      Your Lifestyle Has Changed, Things Just Won't Be The
      Yes Those Dogs Are Addictive And So's The Dog Game!

      Author Unknown


Updated 9/02/08

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