Xrays taken to send into OFA or to confirm evidence of hip dysplasia.

At the bottom of the page, there are new entries in digital. 

All my dogs are now done in digital, which makes the determination easier for the vet reading the xray at the OFA.

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Killian, OFA Excellent

Diesel, OFA Good

Breeze, OFA Excellent

Bogart, OFA Good

Lukas, OFA Good

Amber, OFA Good


Belle, OFA Good

Tris, OFA Good

Orion, OFA Good

Remy prelimed as Good

Roem's original x-rays, he received a Fair (sedated) and then was redone and received a Good (awake)

Samson, OFA Fair

Sydney, OFA Good

This is the xray of a moderately dysplastic dog.

Very light xray and of a moderately or mildly dysplastic dog

This dog is a victim of bad positioning.   The dog was about to be spayed when this was taken.  The dog is a papered APBT.






Bad positioning

Papered APBT

Am Staff, OFA Good


Am Staff, mildly dysplastic

Duke, OFA Good

Maverick, OFA Good

Hips from a 12 year old am staff

Am Staff, dysplastic

Boy, OFA Good

Peeka, OFA Good

Unilateral Hip Dysplasia

Ruger, OFA Prelim, Excellent

(Dam and Maternal Grandsire, Excellent)