Mistletoe:  Very toxic, all parts, especially the berries
Holly:   Moderate to very toxic, especially the berries and leaves
Poinsettia:  Leaves and stems low in toxicity
Christmas Greens: such as Balsam, Juniper, Cedar, Pine & Fir.             All parts of these plants have a low level of toxicity.
Bubbling Lights- Moderate to lethal toxicity, depending on the amount of fluid (methylene chloride) inhaled or ingested.
Fireplace Colors (fire salts)- Moderate to lethal toxicity, symptoms are gastrointestinal irritation with vomiting and a variety of other manifestations, including convulsions.
Angel Hair (spun glass)- Low toxicity; can cause irritation of the eyes, skin, and gastrointestinal tract.
Christmas Tree Preservative Solution- Low toxicity, depending upon formulation and quantity ingested. 
Snow Sprays & Snow Flock- Low toxicity, dry particles are inert; however, toxicity from inhalation can occur if sprayed directly in mouth.
Styrofoam- Low toxicity; can cause choking from mechanical obstruction.
Christmas Tree Ornaments- Non-toxic, but mechanical irritation or obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract can occur if ingested.
Icicles (tinsel)- Non-toxic, however intestinal obstruction and choking are potential problems.
Snow Scenes- Toxicity may come from organisms possibly in the water, most notably Salmonella.

** Read label warnings on all decorations - take the necessary precautions to protect your pet.


Button Battery (disk battery)- Caustic, potentially high toxicity depending upon the position of the battery in gastrointestinal tract. 
Aftershave Lotion, Colognes, Perfumes, Alcoholic Beverages-Ethanol in various concentrations is moderately toxic depending upon the amount ingested.  The high concentrations of essential oils in true perfumes are especially toxic.
Plastic Model Cement- Moderate toxicity.
Epoxy Adhesive- Uncured hardener: moderate to high toxicity.
Uncured resin- low toxicity, primarily irritation and sensitization.
Adhesives, Super Glue- Low toxicity, most difficulty occurs when eyelids become bonded together..
Artists Supplies: Crayons, Felt Tip Markers, Pencils, Water-based Paints- Low toxicity; however, may cause more than a mild mucous membrane and gastrointestinal irritation.
Petroleum-based Paints- Low toxicity; primary concern is possibility of aspiration.
Toys- Avoid toys with parts small enough to be pulled off and swallowed and toys painted with toxic materials, etc. Use same precautions as with children.


From the National Animal Poison Control Center (NAPCC), a non-profit, cost-recovery program at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois in Urbana, IL. 
If you suspect your pet has been poisoned, you should call your veterinarian or you can call the NAPCC. This is not a free call. Telephone numbers for the NAPCC are: 1-800-548-2423 ($30 per case, credit card only; free follow-up calls until problem is resolved.) 1-900-680-0000 ($20 for 5 min., $2.95 per min. thereafter.)   New 24 Hour Poison Hotline

Plants and foods that are toxic to dogs

Here is a quick reference guide to the more common house and garden plants and foods that are toxic to most all animals. If you have these plants or foods, you need not dispose of them-just keep them away from your pets.

*Indicates that a substance is especially dangerous and can be fatal.

Alcohol (all beverages, ethanol (drinking), methanol (sterno), isopropyl (rubbing))*


Amaryllis bulb*


Autumn crocus ( Colchicum autumnale)*

Avocado (leaves, seeds, stem, skin)*

Azalea (entire rhododendron family)


Bird of Paradise


Bleeding heart*


Bracken fern


Buttercup (Ranunculus)



Calla lily*

Castor bean* (can be fatal if chewed)


Chinese sacred or heavenly bamboo*


Choke cherry (unripe berries)*

Chrysanthemum (a natural source of pyrethrins)


Crocus bulb

Croton (Codiaeum sp.)

Cyclamen bulb

Delphenium, larkspur, monkshood*

Dumb cane (Dieffenbachia)*

Elderberry (unripe berries)

English ivy (All Hedera species of ivy)

Fig (Ficus)

Four-o'clocks (Mirabilis)

Foxglove (Digitalis)


Hyacinth bulbs


Holly berries

Iris corms


Jimson weed*



Lily (bulbs of most species)


Lupine species


Mistletoe berries*

Morning glory*

Mountain laurel

Narcissus, daffodil (Narcissus)

Oak* (remove bark for use as a bird perch)




Pencil cactus plant* (Euphorbia sp.)

Philodendron (all species)*

Poinsettia (many hybrids, avoid them all)

Potato (leaves and stem)

Rhubarb leaves*

Rosary Pea(Arbus sp.)* (Can be fatal if chewed)

Scheffelera (umbrella plant)

Shamrock (Oxalis sp.)*

Spurge (Euphorbia sp.)

Tomatoes (leaves and stem)



WARNING! Onions Are Toxic to Dogs

  Open Directory - Health: Animal: Pets: Nutrition: Toxic Foods - Animal/Pets/Dogs/Nutrition/Toxic Foods 

Hershey Foods Corporation - Theobromine

Chocolate Toxicity in Dogs

Toxic plants for dogs, poisonous plants for dogs and pets. Poison Control Info

Christmas Tips

Christmas Pups 

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