Directly following are the dogs currently being shown or in retirement; at the bottom are links to the pups in each litter I've produced or been a part of...




 BIS/BISS Ch Roemeo, CERF04, CGC, OFA Good, El, Ca, Pa, TT

FLASH! Roemeo is a Specialty BOB from the Veterans class!  Roemeo is also the cover dog for the July 2001 issue of Dog Fancy and appears in the Bully Breeds magazine!










Ch Bogart, CERF03, OFA Good, Pa


Bogie has grown up into his promise, he finished with three majors and multiple breeds!








Am/Can Ch Tristam  OFA CERF03

FLASH! Tristam is now STA-1022G32M-PI (OFA Good) and is in Canada with his owners Lisa and Patti--and completed his Can Ch; he is showing occasionally with Lisa and his other buddy, Patti.











Ashley (AKC/AU Ch Pirouette's Gift To Rebbull) is a rising star and making us very proud of her!  She lives in Australia at Rebbull Am Staffs. 











Ashley's littermate, Bear, who is Ch Pirouette's NE Diamond Bear, OFA Prelim Good









BISS Ch RoMax, OFA, CGC is a Specialty BISS Champion, he is owned and bred by Sarah Doty and is a Roemeo/Maxine son and a half-brother to Tristam and Orion and a full littermate to Remy. (Ro is OFA Good)

photo by Linda Ruth









Ch Orion (OFA Good) has won three majors (one a 5 pt)  Orion is a Roemeo son and a littermate to Tristam and Coverdog of the 2005 Am Staff calendar

Do not use the above copyrighted picture without permission










Pirouette's Heart of Gold











Ch Killian, OFA Pa, CERF, TT finished with three majors!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~












Maverick, OFA Patellas, Cardio,  CERF











Breeze, OFA Excellent, Cardio, Pa, TT, CERF












Pirouette Rebbull Remi Steele, OFA Pa, OFA Ca
















Ch Duke, CERF, OFA

Owned and shown by Mark Graf

Has four owner handled majors, one a 5pt Specialty Win!













Pirouette's Rebbull's Genevieve










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