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BIS BISS Ch Buena Vista Honkitonk Roemeo, CGC, OFA G, OFA el, OFA cardio, OFA Patellas,  CERF, SCT (Social Compatibility Test-two perfect scores!), TT

~Best In Show~

~Best in Show Specialty~

~Multi Group winner~

~Multi supported entry winner~

#5 Am Staff All-Breed 1998

Proven Producer of Champions and a BISS Champion

2001 Am Staff Calendar Cover

Father of 3 OFA Excellents!

Grandfather of another OFA Excellent

Brother of two OFA Excellents

Uncle of another OFA Excellent

July, 2001 Cover of Dog Fancy

Virtual Best In Show winner! (this is his sculpture!)

Roemeo pictures taken by famous photographer Faith Uridel

Roemeo, at 9.5 years at the 2003 National Specialty

In 2002 Roemeo was shown at the IKC...he again showed like a dream (almost 8 years old)...

and then in June, 2002 he completed his "set" of ribbons with a BISS at the Regional Specialty at GLATA.  He has one of every ribbon from first place, to reserve, to winners, to BOW, to BOB, to BOS, to Group I, II, III, IV and BIS.  Everything, that is, except a 2nd, 3rd or 4th placement in a class...quite an accomplishment!

And here is Roemeo proving the test of time, at 9.5 years of age...First place in his Veterans Class both days under Judges Cathy Prothro and Sandra Allen

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Roem's show career

Bred by Mary Lawson of Buena Vista Kennels

Roemeo is owned by Heidi McClure

Roemeo...that once in a lifetime dog.  He was my first dog bought for the conformation ring and through him I got to experience all levels of AKC dog showing (conformation).  He is 6 and still specialing; his attitude has the renowned Tonkawa workability.

Below is his winning another Supported Entry under Judge Paul Thomann


Roemeo also has produced 3 of the 28 OFA Excellents -- out of approx 1100 am staffs given OFA numbers!   This is an unprecedented accomplishment.


Roemeo is proving himself in obedience; we are working toward his CD.  He definitely has the drive and the workmanlike attitude for this; BUT he also has am staff clownishness as well, so...


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Updated 9/02/08

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